GAO Tek Handheld Optical Variable Attenuator

GAO Tek Handheld Optical Variable Attenuator
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This handheld optical variable attenuator is used with single-mode fiber for continuously variable optical signal attenuation. Featuring a rugged design, portability and ease-of-use, the attenuator is widely used in fiber link certification, routine maintenance and in lab environments. The attenuator can be used in digital system communication devices such as PHD and SDH and also in analog modulation CATV systems. Other common applications for the attenuator include telecom maintenance, CATV maintenance, comprehensive cable construction systems, optical instruments research and development and optical communication training.
Key Features
Stepwise attenuation; 0.05 dB steps
On line attenuation
Displays absolute and relative attenuation value
Optical auto-off function deactivates after 10 minutes of idle time
Combines the functions of both an attenuator and an optical power meter
Wavelength, input power, output power, current attenuation and selected step size can be displayed simultaneously on LCD
Memorizes the attenuating value and step on shut down and restores the values on next power up
Low battery power indication
Portable, rugged, lightweight and easy to use


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