BR GOLD N Second Generation

BR GOLD N Second Generation
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It is known that gold nugget is spread in nature in the form of granules and nuggets in the soil or inside rocks in the river bottoms , or in the form of veins in the ground has spread in recent prospecting for gold nugget in Africa , and the devices prospecting for gold ore a major role in therefore , since all excavators for veins and grains of gold using the device Reagent voice the most powerful and easiest way to discover gold, but most audio devices which works out these amateurs and researchers are devices primitive simple not suitable only for the depths of a very simple and discovered small pieces that are close to the surface of the earth , it is It is known that the large blocs of gold nugget are located at a depth of at least 3 meters below the surface. But with our American modern device BR GOLD-N , the second generation of the device BR Gold nugget .. you can discover gold to long depths This device has been produced after many experiments conducted on several types of gold nugget extracted from Africa, as well as the golden treasures, we put between your hands result of our experiences 

BR GOLD N - Second Generation 
The second generation and new modern model for 2016 Good news for all prospectors and gold seekers all over the world
this device that has been newly synthesized in America can sends signals to great depths in the soil, as it was manufactured in a scientific way innovative newly being able to penetrate the soil and the discovery of small and large pieces of gold nugget 

radar technology to detect gold nugget:
BR GOLD N provided by radar technology that enables the discovery of gold prospector from long distances. No need to do the exploration for two or three days to clear specific area, it is through this device you can scan an entire region during the time of the discovery of a simple, if there is gold in the area or not. BR GOLD N contains pneumatic animated radars send signals and vibrations penetrate the soil vertically and horizontally, and when you discover any target radars automatically go towards the goal, but the user reaches his goal and locate him completely. 

Device features:
This device has a detection programs for the following items Gold types exclusively. (Gold nugget - the treasures of gold) The languages in which it operates the machine are: English, French, German, Arabic - Persian - Russian - Turkish - Spanish - Italian Penetrates to the deepest of up to 50 meters below the earth's surface Search Front and distance of up to Daei radius of 2,000 meters 

Technology within the device:
LCD screen show color and all the GPS data and results U.S. processors Identify and measure the depth of the target Vibratory Frequency Detector partial 400 MHz allows you to get very accurate results Measure the depth of goals gives additional major advantage of this device compared with other systems As can be within a very short time survey a large area to detect underground gold Control Panel screen convenient and practical Rechargeable batteries in addition to the 1.5-volt AA, Number 8 When you have finished the main battery can use these batteries to continue working Charger index provider for charging Car Charger 

Working theory:
- BR-GOLD-N provide with frequency of the molecular reagent Provider receiver to scan the surrounding land in the event of electrostatic or electromagnetic fields unformed about gold result burial for many years as the radars pneumatic device connected directly to the main 
How to use and detect gold

Machine is running and select a program detect gold and implant the sensor sender in the ground, and carry radars aerobic condition parallel and balanced so that the remaining free movement and begin to rotate around the device through pregnancy radars aerobic circle radius of 3 meters separates us from the device, If we are within the area containing a goal, it is issuing a line of static electric device to the target and then it is guiding us to this goal by radars left and right until it is verified and inventory inside the goal square meters. 
- Made in USA

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