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BR 800 P
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We can now confidently say that we announce that our developed device BR 800 P is the first long-range device in the world. 2016 unchallenged nor competitor the old model of this device achieved between 2010 and 2013 a large prevalent among prospectors and researchers because everybody that mentioned long-range devices must talking about BR 800 

BR 800 P - Second generation
Is best suited for the detection of gold, minerals and water under the ground where they were supplied equipped with filters to purify hobbies signal 100%. Scan within a radius of 2,000 meters and a depth of up to 50 meters of metal detectors and 200 meters for the detection of underground water. This device has the ability to detect whether they are golden targets of natural gold nuggets of gold (gold ore) or golden treasures and ancient caves and burials precious underground 

Advantages and specifications of the device

This device has a detection programs for the following items Gold - Silver - Copper - Bronze - Iron - Lead - Aluminum - Diamond - Emerald - groundwater - Platinum - caves and voids ... Where explorer can Choose one type of metal to start the search .. For example, if we were looking for gold .. we set the device to detect only gold User device is also available in: English, French, German, Arabic - Persian - Russian - Turkish - Spanish - Italian .
User Guide

Is a detector for frequency molecular provides with radars that clear the surrounding land in the event of fields electrostatic or electromagnetic unformed about metals burial for many years and considered this device from the best long-range devices in the world .. It combines remote sensing technology and old techniques of modern electronic

Machine is running and select a program detect gold and implant the sensor sender in the ground , and carry radars aerobic condition parallel and balanced so that the remaining free movement and begin to rotate around the device through pregnancy radars aerobic circle radius of 3 meters separates us from the device, If we are within the area containing a goal , it is issuing a line of static electric device to the target and then it is guiding us to this goal by radars left and right until it is verified and inventory inside the goal square meters. It also features this device boasts a sophisticated filters and is also equipped with antennas to validate the target. In this way once and for all and get rid of most of the mistakes that were facing explorers and researchers. What is meant here , that you manipulate the antenna signal if the goal is within : ( A wooden box sealed - with insulation materials preserved example - plastic) 

Very Important Note:
This device can detect underground water to depths of up to 200 meters below the earth's surface through the program's search groundwater 
Device Technology :
- The display screen color LCD shows all the GPS data and results 
- U.S. processors provider control panel screen is convenient and practical. 
- Vibratory Frequency Detector partial 400 MHz, which allows you to get very accurate results. 
- Technique to measure the depth of goals gives additional major advantage of this device compared with other systems 
As can be within a very short time survey a large area for the detection of gold and other minerals, groundwater and wells. 
- Fixed internal battery rechargeable 9.6 volt strongly 
- In addition to batteries Fund, Charger index provider for charging. 
- Made in USA
- Warranty: One year  

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