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GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D, which turns the usual metal detector use into a unique experience, is the first metal detector in the world that can make the signal-shape and signal-dimension association with the target in real time. GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D has a built-in GPS. Another feature that comes with the GPS is TRACKING. D.I.S.S. Technology, which we have recently developed, is used in the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D metal detector.
GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D discriminates the detected metal in 3 different groups as Gold/Non-Ferrous, Ferrous, Steel/Alloy and it provides the results to the user instantly. All these technologies are available in a metal detector collectively for the first time thanks to Nokta Engineering. The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D metal detector, which features 10 language options, pre-defined search modes and personalizable themes, will enable their users to enjoy pleasant searches.

GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D Technical Specifications
Operating Principle    :    VLF Induction Balance
Microprocessor    :    32-bit ARM9 core running at 216MHz + 32-bit floating point DSP
Software    :    State of the Art GUI with fast target processing and multi-language support
Noise Cancellation    :    DSP powered Intelligent/Adaptive noise elimination (DIANE)
Search Modes    :    5 selectable search modes
Discrimination    :    Ferrous, Alloy / Steel, Gold / Non-Ferrous + providing metal ID
Target Identification    :    Actual target size and type with 3D view
Sensitivity (Threshold & RX Gain) Setting    :    Automatic and manual setting
Visual Themes    :    Selectable 4 color themes
Audio Themes    :    Selectable 4 audio tones
Ground Balance Modes    :    Automatic using D.I.S.S technology
Ground Balance Settings    :    Phase track in mineralized soils
Waterproof  Search Coil    :    24x32cm (12.5'') Double-D coil
Optional Waterproof  Search Coils    :    19x24cm (9.5'') Double-D surface search coil & 32x40cm (15.7'') Double-D deep search coil
Battery    :    6400mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
Display    :    5.7'' VGA color TFT display
Headphone Output    :    1/4'' stereo
GPS    :    Store and recall/review GPS coordinates (up to 100)
Tracking    :    Record and view tracks using GPS (up to 25 tracking records)
3D View Records    :    Save up to 100 3D records
Sweep Speed Detection    :    Measuring sweep speed using MEMS
Accelerometer    :    Visual feedback for search coil balance (inclinometer)
Length    :    90 - 120cm (35 - 47'') extendable
Weight    :    2.5kg (5.5 lbs) (including the 24x32cm (12.5'') coil, excluding the battery and accessories)
Warranty    :    2 years (system box)

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