Nokta 107TB

Nokta 107TB
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107TB has been specially designed for technical, engineering and construction needs, ballistic researches, crime scene investigations, and rescue operations. Developed for construction companies, municipalities, natural gas companies, telecommunication firms, plumbers, users who install communication and internet lines, archeologists, law enforcement forces and civil society organizations, the 107TB is the answer to a big need in these different industries.
The technical and ballistic 107TB simplifies underground searches with its technology. You will easily detect metal objects such as pipes installed underground and inside walls, cables, sewer covers, electric cables, bullets, bullet shells, guns, mines, sharp tools like knives and other crimes tools with the 107TB. You will experience the difference and the confidence of having this detector by finding the metal objects you are looking for accurately and fast.

Operating Principle    :    Induction Balance
Operating Frequency    :    12 KHZ
Search Mode    :    All metal
Target Identification    :    LED and audio warning
Sensitivity Setting    :    Manuel
Ground Balance    :    Automatic
Search Coil    :    24x32cm (12.5") Double-D waterproof
Batteries    :    6x1.5V AA Alkaline
Headphone Output    :    1/4" mono
Length    :    97 - 130cm (38" - 51") extendable
Weight    :    1.9kg (4lb) (including the search coil and the batteries)
Warranty    :    2 years
Nokta Engineering

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