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Oxford  CMI900 Thickness and Material Composition
CMI900 - For Measurement of Coating Thickness and Material Composition CMI900 CMI900  is a co..
Ex Tax: $5,140.00
Oxford  X-Supreme8000
Rapid results -Simultaneous single or multi-element analysis with ‘Live Updates’ – results obtaine..
Ex Tax: $10,150.00
Oxford CMI153 thickness measurement
applications: Ideal metrology Solution for Coating Inspectors, Electroplating Plants, Painting Con..
Ex Tax: $297.00
Oxford CMI233 controlling
The CMI233 package enables control of plating and paint & powder coating processes using advanc..
Ex Tax: $570.00
Oxford CMI250 Ferrous and Non-ferrous
The instrument offers factory and user calibrations, automatic temperature compensation, base corre..
Ex Tax: $400.00
Oxford CMI730
CMI-730Measure non-conductive coatings over nonmagnetic substrates, metallic coatings on ferrous su..
Ex Tax: $1,250.00
Oxford CMI95M thickness measurement
Oxford Instruments CMI95M is a battery operated handheld gauge for measuring copper foil thickness ..
Ex Tax: $245.00
Oxford HORIZONPbi Handheld XRF analyzer
HORIZONPbi is a handheld analyser for the determination of Lead in paint. Easy and safe to use Acc..
Ex Tax: $5,788.00
Oxford instruments  X-MET8000
Our range of handheld XRF analyzers, the X-MET8000 series, delivers the speed and performance requir..
Ex Tax: $10,890.00
Oxford instruments AffirmoEX benchtop EMR
Oxford Instruments supplies the world’s smallest Benchtop Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR) spectrom..
Ex Tax: $3,615.00
Oxford Instruments CMI165
Compensation US$11,25 The CMI165 provides unique temperature compensated Copper Thickness Measurem..
Ex Tax: $1,125.00
Oxford instruments MAXXI 6
Coating thickness measurement, based on X-ray fluorescence (XRF), is a widely accepted and industry-..
Ex Tax: $11,324.00
Oxford instruments X-MET8000CG
The X-MET8000CG handheld energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyser provides rapid and re..
Ex Tax: $12,500.00
Oxford Lab-X3500
Specifications Analyzer Type     Single Channel Sample Type     Solids; Liquid..
Ex Tax: $6,150.00
Oxford MDX1000
Oxford Instruments Analytical has been at the forefront of X-ray technology since the early 1970’s,..
Ex Tax: $8,290.00