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Krautkramer Bolt Mike 3
The StressTel BoltMike III ultrasonically measures tension and clamp load of threaded fasteners. A l..
Ex Tax: $2,245.00
Krautkramer CL 400
Basic Gauge Features The basic CL 400 displays the thickness value in large easy-to-read digits. F..
Ex Tax: $2,413.00
Krautkramer CL5
Simple Operation The CL 5 is a very easy instrument to operate. The MODE key progresses the user ..
Ex Tax: $2,215.00
krautkramer DM5E Family
Description: New Range of High Performance Probes A new set of ultrasonic probes has been develope..
Ex Tax: $1,350.00
Krautkramer DMS Go
Operational Excellence The DMS Go has been designed to provide improved reliability, accuracy and..
Ex Tax: $4,789.00
Krautkramer DMS2
Easy to Use -Direct access keys are at your fingertips for immediate adjustment of operating para..
Ex Tax: $3,265.00
Krautkramer Phasor Series
The Phasor series ultrasonic flaw detectors comes available in four different models with upgraded f..
Ex Tax: $2,725.00
Krautkramer POCKETMIKE
KIT INCLUDES Instrument Wrist Lanyard One 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery Hard Shell Carry Case Integr..
Ex Tax: $450.00
Krautkramer SpotChecker
Features: SpotChecker “completes” our existing USLT product line for spot weld testing. It offers t..
Ex Tax: $3,556.00
Krautkramer USIP 40
The USIP 40 is a precision, multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument designed to deliver the utmo..
Ex Tax: $3,125.00
Krautkramer USM 32X Series
USM 32X B and USM 32X L: small box, big performance. Well balanced between ergonomics and functional..
Ex Tax: $3,558.00
Krautkramer USM Vision
USM Vision  a total ultrasonic solution to increase productivity in new process pipework USM V..
Ex Tax: $5,980.00
Krautkramer USN 60
Features: Ultra-large VGA screen Optimum UT performances Extended connectivity JDAC which produc..
Ex Tax: $3,390.00